Wines Of Italy – Floyd Mills of Hay Wines

Sep 30
Italian administrative regions

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Our September meeting was Italian Wines presented by Floyd Mills of Hay Wines.  As ever Floyd presented an excellent evening of (and I quote) ‘funky Italian wines’.  Wines came from all parts of Italy and there was an interesting selection of grape varieties at least one of which was I had never tasted before, Erbaluce.

Floyd’s passion for his subject came across with the wealth of information presented, leaving us all with a much greater knowledge of the wine industry in Italy and the hidden gems that can be found when you stray away from the more widely known varieties and regions.

The discussion ranged around alcohol levels, corks versus screw cap, food matches and bulk wine production to cover but a few of the topics.

The Wines tasted were:-


A.Mano Fiani-Greco 2009, Puglia (£8-49)

Masseria Pietrosa Verdeca 2009, Puglia (£10-99)

Proprieta Sperino 2008,  Erbaluce di Caluso (£12-99)

Specogna Rovolla Gialla 2009, Colli Orientall del Fruili (£13-99)


Villa Torino Nero D’Avola 2008, Sicily (£7-29)

Alpha Zeta Corvina 2009, Veronese (£7-49)

A. Mano Negroamaro 2008, Puglia (£8-49)

Prima Mano Primitivo 2006, Salento (£16-99)

Floyd can be contacted at Hay Wines, 11 High Street, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8  1DS , 01531 634449

If anyone would care to add any comments/tasting notes, please do so in the comments and I will add them to these notes.